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    The Taxi Charity will be taking up to 150 world war two veterans in 90 London taxis to Normandy in June.

    For Information email ;

  • WW2 Veterans Need be at the King's Arm's by 11.30am

    Kings Arms in Leaves Green

    The event will be held on Sunday, January 22. All WW2 Veterans should arrive by 11.30am and will be given tea and coffee on arrival, followed by a free lunch of beef stew and apple crumble provided by Taxi Charity for Military Veterans.
    If WW2 Veterans need help to getting to the King's Arm's please
    Email dickg@taxicharity.org

  • SUNDAY 22nd JANUARY Members Of the Public Time from 12 O'clock

    Members of the Public


    1940s-themed party to help World War II veterans return to Normandy on D-Day.
    Taxi Charity For Military Veterans is planning a final trip to the site of the D-Day landings in June and is looking to raise enough money to take 250 veterans in 90 taxis.
    The event was originally planned for the Spitfire Cafe in Biggin Hill, but the venue has been moved to the Kings Arms in Leaves Green to cope with the expected turnout.
    There are plans to turn the pub into a recruiting office, and members of the public will be able to meet WWII veterans and Chelsea Pensioners, see military vehicles and dance to 1940s music.
    So why not come in 1940s style .
    King's Arm's Leaves Green, Keston ,BR2 6DU

WE REMEMBER THEM Sunday 6th Nov 2016

On Sunday 6th November at the Spitfire Cafe Main Road Biggin Hill we held a Remembrance Day to help raise money for the Poppy Appeal and the RAF Chapel Museum Trust.

The London Taxis Benevolent Fund kindly picked up our 4 Chelsea Pensioners and dropped them to us for lunch and took them back home.

We had raffle prizes and an Auction which raised in total £940.00 on the day.

In attendant was WW11 Veterans and also our Veterans that have recently served in Afganistan.

Children from Oaklands School Biggin Hill entered in our Poppy competition where they could write a poem draw a picture or write a story about their great grandparents. The Chelsea Pensioners kindly looked through all the entries and chose the winners. They said everyone done really well and it was extremely difficult to choose. The winner won a breakfast for their family and everyone else who entered will receive a certificate.

Robert Forzoni is a Magician who belongs to the Magic Circle who lives in Biggin Hill. He entertained and wowed the children with his magic tricks.

Derek and Martin Beevis from Tunbridge Wells had a Pop up Museum of WW11 memorabilia. This was for all the families to get involved and educate in how their great grandparents lived during the war. Derek Beevis also advised he has a very large collection of memorabilia which he loves going around educating schools and various events.

The IMPS (Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society) also attended to help raise money for the Poppy Appeal and who will be in Waitrose Car Park collecting money on Saturday and Sunday.

The Mayor of Bromley Ian Payne kindly attended welcoming Veterans past and present.

Ady Shaw from Spitfire National Treasure kindly donated for Auction at the last minute a signed canvass print of a Spitfire signed by WW11 veterans.

John Windover who flies a YAk 52 Aerobatic WW11 plane auctioned Aerobatic Flight Experience which raised £355.00.

Phoenix City Disco played free of charge for our veterans family and friends 1940's music. Bright Sparks performers theatre and dance academy Biggin Hill who was dressed as Purley Kings and Queens put on a great performance singing and dancing which everyone enjoyed singing and toe tapping to.

New Life Church Main Road Biggin Hill kindly helped us out with more table and chairs.

I would like to thank the community of Biggin Hill and local businessess for their support and everyone else who attended and helped us raise money for this event,
Ride of Respect , the Armed Forces Bikers , UK Homes 4 Heroes .

  • Veterans visit for spitfire cafe's third anniversary

    celebrated three years in business with WW2 Veterans
    at our veteran breakfast club which is held once a mouth.


  • Mr Ray Roberts who is 100 pop in for lunch.

    On Tuesday 13 Sep Mr Ray Roberts pop in to the spitfire cafe with is family.
    Mr Ray Roberts was born 24/10/1916
    Mr Ray Roberts was in the R.A.F and on july 1940 his plane caught fire and he had to bail out. He become a member of the Caterpillar Club on account of using his parachutes.


  • IMPS-Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society Welcome WW2 Veteran Albert Bennett.

    Mr Albert Bennett who is 102 years old pop in the spitfire cafe on Sunday 18th Sep 2016.
    Albert joined the R.A.F in 1941 working in India servicing Hurricanes and Dakotas before they flew off to Burma. Spitfire are a symbol of wartime victory but it was not only pilots who secured the planes place in history.


Veterans enjoy an old fashioned knees -up '' to mark Queen's birthday

The Spitfire Cafe was decked out with flags and Union Jacks on Sunday 1st May as guests enjoyed afternoon tea and good old knees up and sing song from Pearly King and Queen from Bermondsey and Camberwell.

V.E Day at the Spitfire cafe
Fundraising event to commemorate the 70th anniversary of V.E Day.

  • We are selling Spitfire Mugs
    And also T towels to
    Commemorate the
    Battle Of Britain.

  • Time For Tea

  • Spitfire Mints

    Now on sale.



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