Hi Sally ,
It was amazing to meet you yesterday and your wonderful cafe is an absolute treasure !
Here’s a picture of my father being tied in by his airman , he must have been about 21 years old and somehow had his initials WP-B on the fuselage as his call sign .
His name is/was William Pitt-Brown and achieved the rank of Air Commodore with AFC , DFC , CBE among others including the Burma Star .
I hope this may be of interest as he was also Commanding Officer of Biggin Hill just after the war 1950-1952 as shown in the index at the back of the book ‘ Biggin on the Bump ‘ .
After we left you we went ‘ walkabout ‘ and found my old house being the OMQ’s CO’s house now called ‘ Romney ‘ and still owned by the MOD ; I knocked on the door to be greeted by its present officer occupier , he very kindly invited me in saying he recognised the family name referring to the same book !
Thank you so very much for showing me your wonderful family and history through the years , you are a true ambassador for the Forces boys and girls and of course the RAF in particular .
We shall meet again soon I hope .
With my kindest regards , Peter .

  • Jim Barton 72 Squadron

    Thank you for your kind words
    we are so happy you loved our cafe and it was a pleasure to meet you.

  • Jim Barton 72 Squadron

    Thank you for the fantastic book.

  • Jim Barton 72 Squadron

    Thank you for signing your book for me.




Thank you so much for your kind word's

Thank you
my Grandad was in Burma he may be in the book
thank for sharing .

Thank you letter
from Theresa Holohan


10.06.2021 11:33

Glen Arnold

Not just a cafe (lovely breakfast by the way!) but a real treasure trove too! Me and mum loved it yesterday morning (9th June) and my grandad (ex-RAF) would have loved it as well. See you again!