• Joyce Seymour age 92 worked on spitfire's WW2

    Joyce Seymour worked at Westlands aircraft factory at Yeovil then after the factoty was bombed it moved to Bradford road Sherborne . Joyce worked fir 5 years from 1940 onwards on various parts of spitfires.
    Joyce began making ammunition boxes for spitfires then on undercarriages and finally on the cockpits .She was a fine driller and riveter and by the end could make whatever was needed urgently after planes had been damaged.At the age of 92 Joyce took her first flight in her beloved spitfire at Biggin Hill including a victory roll.

  • War Veteran Fergus Anckorn 97 years old

    Fergus Anckorn, who is the longest serving member of the magic circle and also appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, was captured by the Japanese during the fall of Singapore.

    As a prisoner of war he was forced to work on the Burma railway, but he used magic to survive the starvation and exhaustion that killed many others.

  • Surprise Visit from Chelsea Pensioners

    Thank you to Jimmy Jukes and Michelle Thorpe from
    Uk homes 4 heroes for kindly bring June Lowe and Dewi
    John Gallagher .

  • A Kiss for V.E DAY

  • We Welcome our Veterans.

    We would invite anyone to visit the cafe and share with us their stories,pictures and any memorabilia that they may have.

  • We support our Armed Forces

    All our Armed Forces are important to as present and past.
    And will be Remembered.

  • Jim Barton 72 Squadron

  • Rodney Scrase 72 Squadron

  • Time for tea Fergus Anckorn

    Fergus Anckorn POW
    We had the pleasure of meeting Fergus when he join as for lunch, where he shared his amazing story's
    a truly wonderful man.

  • My Grandad in Burma 1942

  • Mr moon Remembrance Day 2014

Rodney Scrase D.F.C.